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Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard app has special features that use artificial intelligence (AI) to make it even better for people to use.

SwiftKey from Microsoft is revolutionizing typing with features powered by AI.

SwiftKey from Microsoft is revolutionizing typing with features powered by AI.

SwiftKey AI Features

Image Description: A depiction of the innovative AI-powered features integrated into Microsoft's SwiftKey Keyboard app.


Microsoft's SwiftKey is a renowned mobile keyboard app for iOS and Android, known for its intelligent learning capabilities. The app has recently received noteworthy updates, introducing a range of AI-powered features that not only enhance the typing experience but also extend Microsoft’s AI capabilities to a broader audience.

AI Camera Lenses: Capturing Creativity

The introduction of AI camera lenses to SwiftKey offers users a plethora of options for capturing photos and videos. Created in collaboration with Snap Inc., these features provide over 250 tools and filters, allowing users to express themselves creatively and enhance their visual content.

AI Stickers: Personalizing Conversations

SwiftKey now supports AI stickers, created through Bing’s Image Creator. These stickers allow users to personalize photos or selfies and share them across various social platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger, adding a fun element to conversations.

The AI-Powered Editor: Enhancing Communication

SwiftKey’s new AI-powered “Editor” aims to assist users in improving their writing by offering real-time grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks. This feature represents a practical application of Microsoft’s AI technology in day-to-day tasks.

Seamless Search with Bing

SwiftKey allows for direct image uploads from the keyboard to get Visual Search results from Bing, introducing Bing’s search capabilities to those who might not regularly use the service.


SwiftKey’s new features represent Microsoft's thoughtful approach to integrating AI technology into everyday smartphone use. These updates are rolling out on both Android and iOS platforms, solidifying SwiftKey’s position as a top choice for mobile keyboard app users.

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